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ALOE RAINA very soft green scent.

AMAZING GRACE (PHILOSOPHY TYPE) Top notes of all-natural Italian bergamot and lemon essential oils are sweetened with fruity touches of peach, plum, and ripe raspberry. This is all a brief prelude to a mind-blowing midsection composed of a classic floral trifecta of jasmine, orange blossom, and rose. A hint of cedarwood and an enormous splash of the most glorious, long-lasting, head-spinning white musk imaginable make for a clean, sexy finish.

APPLE JACK 'N' PEELMen, women, and children love this scent of sweet juicy apples, cinnamon sticks, and clove buds blended together.

BAY RUM 'N' LIMEAn old classic for men - mmmmm.

BURBERRY FOR MEN TYPEA citrus blend with a background of woody notes of sandalwood, underlined by cedar and the exotic teakwood.

CANDY CANESmells just like the peppermint candy of your childhood.

CAPPUCINOA rich, dark coffee scent 

CHRISTMAS PINESmells like the walk through the forest to cut down your very own tree!

CITRUS SPLASHThis is a delightful blend of sweet orange essential oil, lemon and grapefruit fragrance oils. A real waker-upper!

COCONUT LIME VERBENASummer in a bottle! That's the best way to describe this perfectly-balanced fusion of sparkling sweet coconut and citrusy lemon-lime-verbena, with mid-notes of melon, citron, and cyclamen, atop a clean base of white musk and sweet amber woods.

CRANBERRYA very sweet and fruity fragrance.

CREAMY VANILLASweet notes of vanilla with creamy, buttery touches.

CRÈME BRULEEReminiscent of the rich elegant dessert that originated in Cambridge, England. It is absolutely scrumptious!

FRESHCrisp and clean - so fresh!

GARDENIAHeavenly gardenias fresh from their waxy white flowers to your nostrils.

GREEN APPLEOne of my favorite fruity scents - really smells like a big bite of apple!

GREEN TEAThe fresh smell of green tea.

GINGERA warm, gingery fragrance that is sure to be a favorite!

HOLIDAY MEMORIESA wonderful fresh aromatic blend of lavender, spruce and cedar enhanced by a citrus bouquet of lemon lime with a dry down of patchouli, sandalwood and oak moss.

HONEY SPA GINGERTop notes are a fresh blend of ginger, peach, mango, clove, citrus. The body of the fragrance combines orange blossom, rose, and jasmine. The base accord is musky and woody. 

INIS TYPE - Inis is a daring and seductive blend based on a rugged and robust muguet (lily-of-the-valley) to embody the coolness, clarity, energy and purity of the sea. Added to this is a top note of sparkling, diffusive citrus notes along with traces of marine notes, balanced with base notes of sandalwood and oak moss and deepened with spice notes of cloves and nutmeg. In all, a scent that moves people at many different levels. Inis is a unisex fragrance and hails from Ireland. 

IRISH SPRINGFresh and clean - manly, yes, but I like it too!

JASMINEOne meaning for the jasmine flower is grace, elegance, and sensuality. It is also said to be an aphrodisiac, but you'll never know until you try!

JUNIPER BREEZEA freshly unique and slightly floral blend.

LAVENDER L'OCCITANE TYPEThis lavender fragrance is an unmistakable version of the ever-popular essential oil.

LEMONA very sharp lemon that will tickle your nose!

LEMONGRASS & LAVENDERA beautiful blend of the essential oils of lemongrass and lavender, with a dash of a sweeter fragrance with herbal and fruit tones.

LILACThis is the perfect lilac, the one that is so much like the real thing you can close your eyes and imagine the lilacs on the bush.

LIMEThis is an essential oil, the essence of the lime.

MANGOFruity, tropical and sweet - you will be instantly transported to Maui!

MILK MAID A sweet, creamy sensation. Fruity, buttery top notes with muguet. Sugary mid notes with jasmine. A creamy base of coconut, vanilla, musk and powder.

MIDNIGHTThis is an incredible mix of exotic woods, fruit and spices softened by a touch of vanilla. It contains a variety of essential oils including patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, clary sage, mandarin, lemon, grapefruit, neroli, anise and several others. To me, it smells like the perfume "Angel".

OATMEAL, MILK AND HONEY A very homey and warm fragrance.

OCEANA great unisex combination of sea and rain notes.

ORANGE CREAMSICLEA very powerful heady scent that reminds me of an orange pushup - unbelievably yummy.

PEACHES 'N' CREAMYum- this blend of peach with vanilla and a touch of rain is simply delectable!

PEAR GLACEThis is a blend of fresh green pear softened and modernized with cucumber and melon notes.

PINK DREAMS A fancy blend of sexy musk and blackberry wine with a delightful top note of succulent berries blend with accents of purple pansies and wild grapes. The heart of the mix combines jasmine, lilac, rose and spicy pink carnations. Pink Dreams ends on a warm note of sultry vanilla, musk and white woods.

PLUMERIAThe scent begins with bright fruit notes of green apple, peach, and berry. A rich floral heart introduces jasmine and lily of the valley, drying down to a balsamic musky base.

POLO TYPE FOR MENYes, it smells just like the cologne! I love this!

PUMPKINWarm blend of pumpkin and white spices plus a hint of maple.

RAZZLE DAZZLESweet Sweet Razzleberries!!! No vanilla, no perfume, just a straight sweet and fruity and fun combination. 

RED CLOVER TEAA delicious herbal tea scent, delicately sweet with notes of fruit. Unique and wonderful! 

RED HOTA sexy blend of cinnamon and peppermint - warm and spicy!

ROSE PETALSThe most perfect rose I can imagine. The first thing to tickle your nose is the rose scent, not an overwhelming sweetness like some rose fragrances; it is true and perfect. 

SECRET GARDENThe sexiest, muskiest, most intoxicating floral blend ever! Top notes of black currant and marigold give way to a floral bouquet of rose and jasmine. The drydown combines woody violet, sandalwood, and musk. 

STARGAZER LILYThis is such a heady fragrance, just like sticking your nose in a big beautiful lily.

STRESS RELIEFA very refreshing and soothing mix that includes spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus.

SUGAR AND SPICE Custom blended by Soapourri, Sugar and Spice makes you think "warm". A unisex fragrance reminiscent of Grandma's kitchen.

SWEETGRASS 'N' CEDAREarthy and woodsy all at the same time.

SWEET LOVIN' RASPBERRYA true, crystal clear raspberry with a hint of sweetness.

TRANQUILITYThis blend is unlike anything else available in the marketplace. Top notes of soft hyacinth, violet, cyclamen, and melon lead to a main body of jasmine, rose, and lily of the valley. A best seller!

WATERMELONSmells just like a popular candy!

YUZUA citrus that grows in Japan. Its flavor is similar to the regular grapefruit but has definite overtones of Mandarin orange. It is very fresh and tangy-tasting and is considered one of the most fragrant of Japanese fruits. 

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