Seaweed Facial Masks

Seaweed Facial Masks
Custom Item, call for pricing and availability. Out of stock. We have 3 great facial masks for you from France - each will give you a small cup of powder that is good for 2 applications. These can be used up to twice a week.

#1)Anti-aging mask with Vitamin C which contains acerola, a fruit with a high concentration of vitamin C (up to 17%). Vitamin C inhibits the damaging action of free radicals and stimulates the synthesis of collagen for skin renewal). This mask is pink and is a peel-off.

#2) Anti-acne mask with tea tree oil (for acne and oily skin) contains alginate, willow leaves (natural salicylic acid), marine silt (zinc to regulate sebum metabolism), menthol & Australian tea tree oil. This mask is grayish and is a peel-off.

#3) Anti-wrinkle mask with spirulina (blue-green algae rich in amino acids & proteins, contains Vit A & E), lithothamnium (an algae that lives on the seabed 10 - 30 meters deep, rich in calcium & magnesium) & laminaria digitata (algae that lives 0 - 10 meters deep and provides organic iodine, marine salts). This one is a deep muddy green and is a wash-off mask.

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